Nike players in the Iran national team are having to source their own boots for the 2018 World Cup after Nike cut off their supply deal in line with US trade sanctions put in place by Donald Trump. It's a move that's angered Iran coach Carlos Queiroz.

The sanctions are designed to restrict the Iranian government, but in turn it's hit the nation's footballers with players unable to directly get hold of the Nike "Just Do It" World Cup collection. The Swoosh released a short statement this week: “US sanctions mean that, as a US company, Nike cannot supply shoes to players in the Iranian National team at this time.”


This ain't what Queiroz needs right now, not on top of thinking how to stop Portugal and Spain in Group B. Understandably, he's a bit annoyed and has demanded an apology from Nike. "They should come out and apologise because this arrogant conduct against 23 boys is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary.

"It has been a source of inspiration for us. This last comment of Nike was, in my personal view, an unnecessary statement. Everybody is aware about the sanctions."


Iran's players have been training in old Nike models and colourways, with ESPN reporting that Iranian players have been asking non-Iranian clubmates to lend them the "Just Do It" Nike boots for their shin-dig in Russia this month, or just buying their own.

Keep the receipt chaps, you might only need them for three games...