Raheem Sterling has entered the YouTube game by calling on KSI to help launch his official channel. The Man City and England forward has dropped his first two videos, and has already racked up 170,000 subscribers, and over 2 million views.

Linking up with KSI isn't a bad way to launch a new channel. KSI boasts 18.5 million subscribers and has no doubt given Sterling the kickstart he wanted. The first video saw KSI take over Sterling's car playlist in a series called "Pass the Aux", and the follow up video saw KSI send a bunch of messages to famous contacts in Sterling's phone.

High profile players have taken over Instagram and Twitter with huge success. Cristiano Ronaldo's social media worth was valued at over £400m in 2017. As of yet, not many players have ventured into the world of personal YouTube channels. Sterling could see this as his way to become more marketable, as well as being in control of what the media sees and doesn't see in light of unfair media coverage in recent seasons.

Plus, he's 23 years-old, rich & famous, with a lot of free time. It's likely to be something he enjoys – the added marketing value just serving as a nice little bonus. Over 2 million views in under 5 days ain't a bad start. How long 'til he's flogging make-up and vegan meals?