Returning to the battle ground in a rock solid street location in Paris, Underground Football Club has hit returns for the 2018 season with more fashion savvy style than ever before.

Bringing new teams into the fold, the first rule of this football fashion show is to style it out. Mixing young labels with international brands, there's a wealth of talent involved in the 2018 set up. Fresh labels such as Etudes, AMI and Andrea Crews are mixed with international esteem such as Kenzo, Louis Vuitton and Rick Owens. An on pitch party that promises to bring new ideas, few do it better than those that live football through the Underground roots of Paris.

Underground FC March 18_0016_Adidas_Ufootballclub_KJ_08.jpg
Underground FC March 18 portrait_0001_0N6A5440.jpg
Underground FC March 18 portrait_0000_0N6A5683.jpg
Underground FC March 18_0009_Adidas_Ufootballclub_KJ_66 2.jpg

The first instalment for a football feast as we head a little closer to the summer, it promises to provide a stylised look at the game. Show us how it's done, Paris.

Photography by @victormalecot @kevinjordanoshea @jeremie_masuka