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Arsenal Set To Sign First Sleeve Sponsor Deal

Having signed an extended sponsorship deal with Emirates yesterday, Arsenal have revealed that the new contract allows the club to negotiate a separate sleeve sponsorship with different interested companies.

The five-year extension to the long-running shirt partnership between Arsenal and Emirates will see Emirates branding feature on the shirts and training kit of all their teams until the end of the 2023/2024 season. But, the deal does allow Arsenal to seek out a separate sleeve sponsorship for the first time. A deal that would earn the club extra revenue, and a move that rival Premier League clubs such as Manchester City, Everton and Chelsea are already benefiting from.

Chelsea and Manchester City are reportedly bringing in an extra £8m-a-season through their respective sleeve sponsorship deals with Alliance Tyres and Nexen Tire. Everton are also counting extra cash by sporting the Angry Birds logo on their left sleeve (the right sleeve of all Premier League teams is occupied by the league logo). For Arsenal, they're expected to announce a new sleeve sponsor in the coming weeks, that'll come into play from 2019.


Arsenal's contract with PUMA expires next season, and the Gunners are widely rumoured to split from the brand in search of a new brand to partner up with. It's all about those £££'s. The reality of the Premier League is that if you're not negotiating better sponsorship deals you get left behind, on and off the pitch.


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