Bringing every shaving of cool, Xabi Alonso brought a Champions League party to the adidas Oxford Street store in London ahed of the showdown in Cardiff next month. Rolling through the years, this enigmatic magician of a cultured player shared memories, moments and a stage to shine with trophy in hand.

As adidas build towards the Champions League Final in Cardiff on June 3, their series of inspired events takes a shift from Tango Squad to the total elite. In the shape of Xabi Alonso, they invited a World Cup winner, a Champions League champion and all round champagne idol into the equation. Trophy in hand too, this London backdrop served as a spot for fans to meet a player that has made waves and turned heads, year after year.

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Taking questions that brought out a real sense of character Alonso's answers were expressive as topics gracefully passed from architecture to music to goals and games. A true gem from the highest stage this is a player who has seen and done it all, with class. A genius who has gone from Liverpool, to Madrid to Munich winning throughout. Having hung up his boots for one last time helping Bayern lift another Bundesliga title it was straight from the pitch based stage he entered this London set up.

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Answers wrapped up and going deeper in showing his passion, an open game of Pro Evo followed as two fans were given the chance to win tickets to the Champions League Final. Plenty of flavour, high energy striped in support and a lot of love for a player whose humble heroics will last a lifetime in the minds of many. Hats off to those Three Stripes that brought this together and a heroes thank you to Xabi Alonso for inspiring a beautiful game where culture is allowed to flourish. No dance moves needed, one look is all it takes.

Photography by Ossi Piispanen for SoccerBible