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Ref Cam Footage: MLS All-Stars vs Real Madrid

Football can be viewed from every angle. Pick your stand, pick your TV channel, pick your replay. Outside of those white lines we've seen it all, but inside of them is still relatively unexplored. MLS took a big step inside during the All Stars vs Real Madrid game as they hooked referee Allen Chapman up with a head camera.

The footage captured from the game provides a unique perspective of football at one of the highest levels as Chapman dealt with the likes of Toni Kroos, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Marcelo. Sure, it's edited and broadcasting it live as they do with the rugby would be a disaster, but for now it gives a glimpse of the intensity of play that the man in black witnesses.

An easy piece of tech to wear, and one that pundits would have a field day with. Plus, it gives us an excuse to watch the Guy Ritchie directed Nike ad from 2008 and that's never a bad thing.

Just take it off before you hit the showers ref, yeah?


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