Cristiano Ronaldo has given the new Bugatti Chiron his seal of approval after taking the new luxury speed machine out for a spin in Madrid. Yeah good for him, we're real happy for him. Definitely won't be thinking of him and smug face when we're trying to de-ice the Astra windscreen tomorrow morning.

Cristiano Ronaldo's relationship goes back far with the sports car manufacturer. He famously raced one for a Nike Mercurial commerciral back in 2008 (below) and he most recently bought a £1.7m Bugatti Veyron shortly after lifting the EURO 2016 title in the summer. But now he's back for another one. Of course he is.

Would you look at that, Cristiano Ronaldo is faster than a Bugatti. Makes you wonder why he needs one? We can't deny it's a nice whip but it ain't a patch on Wayne Rooney's Ford Ka with its far more economical fuel consumption, 3-Disc CD player and surpisingly spacious boot. You can't buy style. Ain't that right Wayne?

Some description
"Bangin' ride dat, Ron lad. As it got leccy windows dough?"