The 90s. A time that plenty of those disillusioned with the modern game will hark back to as if it was a lost era buried into the egyptian tombs full of gold and glory. We look back at some of those behind the scenes moments at a time where football found new life, boom boxes and all. Consider it Gorpcore.

The handycam has never been better positioned as half-time teas go sloshing from one side of the changing room to the next while those beautifully ugly kits burn retinas up and down the land. Incredible scenes of pure grain accompanied with more effing and jeffing than your uncle Alf's potty mouth at Christmas. Let's go to work.

Kicking things off, there's no better place to head then up north to Doncaster Rovers. Yep, just want the globe trotters of the football world are looking out for - a triumphant tale that sees the misfortunes of 'Rovers constantly compared to the wealthy fortunes of Arsenal. It's a wonderful documentary that sits classically in the mind as one of those videos you shouldn't watch though 27 minutes later you've got a block of cheese and you're dunking it in gravy, eyes glued wondering just what will 'The Donny' do next? We give you, 'They Think it's All Rovers'.

Sheffield United have always been a big club. Now sitting pretty in the Championship, for many a moon they found themselves well established as a Premier League side. In the closing stages of the '89/90 season they were staring promotion between the eyes. A trip to Leicester away ensued and armed with what must have been the clubs' brand new video camera, some whipper snappers went to work capturing the game from the changing rooms through to pitch side. A day glow kit and double diamond delights on show, from the kits to the overlaying graphics, it's got it all.

Sticking in Sheffield and with The Blades, the afformentioned brand new video camera was most certainly doing the rounds in the season of 1990 as they seem to have recorded absolutely everything. Leaving us wondering when Mavis and Mark on tea duties will get there time in the spotlight, this video, labelled 'The Players' is part of a series that documents the top to the bottom of the club. Utterly incredible scenes with audacious stripes is how we'd describe this one. Everything is heroically dated though it captures the decade to perfection. Look out for the diving header practice around the six minute mark, it's a part of the game we've been neglecting alongside the textbook goal mouth scramble.

Just what have we here? Swindon Town have found themselves in the Premier League and with stars in their eyes it would seem they've lost their way with excitement. Being more Mike Bassett than Mike Bassett could ever be, 'That's Football - the Swindon Town story of the 1993 Season' will again have you gripped as if it's an emmy award winning mockumentary. Spinal Tap, forget it, The Office, if Only. This is the mighty Swindon Town and they've just got mobile phones. A little snippet of what's to come you say? Well hit up the 28 minute mark and you'll discover frames of teletext and the annual transfer deadline day that for some bizarre reason would insist on being the third Thursday in March.

Moving further into the decade and perhaps a time when Manchester United took commercial global domination to a new level, this behind the scenes documentary from 1998 sees the king of daytime wear Eamonn Holmes go to places locked off to the general public as he gets to see a different side to Manchester United. With his access all areas pass good lad Eamonn gets right in amongst it - from the gantry to the security set up, there's even one moment where he's in the physio room watching Raimond Van Der Gouw have his fingers fiddled with (it's all above board). Interviews with Sir Alex Ferguson ensue and covering every square inch of Old Trafford, this is worth a watch. Twenty years on, and two different powerhouses maintain their status as global giants. Manchester United upstaged by Eamandem Holmes. What a guy.

Ok so this one is a little more brutal on the ear drums though naturally, it's brilliant. John Sitton punishes the players of his Leyton Orient side during the half-time break using nothing but his vocal chords while the backroom staff mill-around sharing coffee from plastic cups. No holding back, he's pretty much dished out their P45s on behalf of the chairman and scared the daylights out of his day dreaming players. A pick of the bunch that will never get old, John Sitton and your colourful tongue - your half a million YouTube views will just keep growing.

Neil, Neil, Neil. Neil Warnock will of course split opinions of the masses but his unique approach is always looked on with loving eyes from many. Despite swapping shouts with his players, his calm before the storm strategy of waiting patiently before laying into those not pulling their weight at half-time is pure gold. He's a thinker is Neil Warnock and you've got to like him for it. A pure character of the game that has many a success story to his name, this grainy video shows how he's travelled through decades delivering at many a juncture. Huddersfield Town in the 94/95 season and scenes straight out of Braveheart, cue Sheffield's answer to William Wallace. Freeeeedooooom.

Behind the scenes insight. Peter Reid is relatively calm and pragmatic as he breathes confidence into his Sunderland side. A master who has performed as a player and a manager, this gives a fly on the wall feel to what it's like to be inside a professional dressing room at the height of the fight. Similarly, backed up by Bobby Saxton, there's plenty of passion and Sunderland, with those 90s stripes, big sleeves and oversized shorts have it all to do. Is it me or are they a team always fighting relegation?

What's more beautifully retro than a season review captured in and compressed onto video tape? With and incredibly synth heavy soundtrack this Liverpool Season Review shades into the nineties as it charts the 89/90 season. Who know why it's been uploaded but it's there for everyone to enjoy. Personifying and era where Candy crushed their kits and every ground had a different way of attaching the goal nets, there were fewer rules back then and as the shorts rose high, so did Liverpool. Watch them as a they glide to the top of the old Division One. John Barnes was the top goalscorer if you were wondering.

Hitting the West Country once more, this documentary made in the 90s though marking a team in the seventies is another one that we'll put in the 'shouldn't be watching but can't stop, why? why? why?' category. Former players mingle around a match day as they tell their story and painting a picture as to the part-time work-life players had back then, it's a stones throw from the money and shine that is thrown around today. No era better than another, this one is different and this video bottles it well. Best news, it's a six parter. Game of Thrones will be waiting one more day as this will of course take your binge-watching time. It did for us, anyway.

So there we have it. A round up of videos that showcase a 90s game. Serious shapes, all out style and a game that found itself being pulled from pillar to post as the commercial interest began to blossom. It's not so bad now after all...