Embracing their archive while hitting a lifestyle sweet spot, Umbro have linked up with French front-runners ELEVENPARIS for a 90s inspired capsule collection.

The collaboration between Umbro and ELEVENPARIS drops with an array of pieces, from popper track pants to accompanying tees and track jackets. Showing again how Umbro are carving their own space in the football fashion scene, the collection offers a retro feel for a brand steeped in legacy. For ELEVENPARIS, it continues their football love in, fresh out of the World Cup. The brand produced a number of football shirts to coincide with France winning the tournament.

umbro x eleven paris_0002_Layer 3.jpg
umbro x eleven paris_0001_Layer 4.jpg
umbro x eleven paris_0000_Layer 5.jpg
umbro x eleven paris_0003_Layer 2.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0012.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0011.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0010.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0009.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0008.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0007.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0006.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0005.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0004.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0003.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0002.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0001.jpg
umbro eleven paris soccerbible_0000.jpg

Umbro are a brand continuing to pop up around the planet in interesting ways, from the leading charge in South Korea to collaborative collections like this. On the purer side of the game, the recent release of the Jamaica 2018/10 kits shows how they cans split their attention across cultures. A lot of time for where the double diamonds are dancing? You betcha.