That's enough YouTube for one day. The world's of grime and football crash in a messy head-on collision as Gunnerblog releases a Mesut Özil x Stormzy 'Shut Up' mash-up.

Arsenal fans may have a reputation for being more vocal on a keyboard than in the stands but there's something playfully impressive in amongst the cringing in the latest parody from Gunnerblog. Devoted to Mesut Özil, with honourable shout outs to Wenger, Nacho Monreal and Flamini, it's just over three minutes of textbook internet weirdness and we still can't work out whether it's genius or garbage, and that's why we've watched it far too many times. Enter the strange world of Gunnerblog here if you're into that sort of thing.

If you're looking for a positive Arsenal fans, it's less worse than this. Far less worse.