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Nike Introduce 'Pro Genius'

A game of fine margins, football is won or lost in the mind. In embracing every blade of grass on a quest to help the good become great, Nike have introduced 'Pro Genius' to the Nike Football App which focuses on developing the psychological side of the game.

With mental strength underlining football's fundamentals, talent would be lost without mental application. As Nike put it 'mastering this fickle calculation is what separates the good from the great'. To reach their maximum potential, players must train year-round, physically, tactically and mentally. Nike Football’s new tool, Nike Pro Genius — exclusively available through the Nike Football App — is designed to help players of all levels tackle the psychological side of the game.

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The feature utilises mental training tools and techniques that have been developed with insights from world-renowned experts as well as some of the world’s best footballers. Inviting players to build interactive games and techniques into their pre-match routine it comes at the game from a new perspective, embracing both technology and psychological understanding. Looking at the specifics, the Nike Pro Genius works to train players on decision-making, strategy, confidence, visualization and more, via five tools and techniques: Priming, Counter Attack, Crossing, Visualization and Self-Talk.

A pioneering move from Nike that could well benefit life off the pitch let alone rattling a thunderbolt in from thirty yards on it. Creative thinking that offers the tools to excel, this will land in the Nike Football App from 2nd June.


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