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Make Your Mark: Official FIFA 17 TV Commercial

EA Sports have launched a new trailer that will run as the official FIFA 17 TV commercial. Intense, dramatic and fast-paced, if you weren't already looking forward to the release of the game, you are now.

We say it every year but there genuinely does a appear to be an added buzz about this years release. EA Sports have built 'The Journey' and in a series of epic trailers have made us quickly all want a slice of it. In the new TV commercial, the nameless player (you) takes the spotlight, entering the stadium as part of a Manchester United team ready to take on Real Madrid. Highlights of the young players career flash through his mind before he embarks on the next chapter. James Rodriguez tries to put one on him early doors but it's James Rodriguez, no ones scared of him, especially not our guy.

Some description

Marco Reus, James Rodríguez, Eden Hazard and Anthony Martial all collect their appearance fees and all that's left is to look ahead to the official launch next week. Another year of controller throwing, console smashing, online quitting rage begins all over again. Joy. A spike in sick days the world over.

FIFA 17 is out on September 27 in the US and September 29 in the UK.


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