When you're Justin Bieber and you've ohaouha'd your way into every top flight changing room in serving up pre-match sounds, you can pretty much turn up wherever you want, brush the training programme aside an more importantly, wear a get up of your choosing.

Doing just that at none other than Barcenola's training ground, the good lad Biebs chucked on a Supreme football shirt as well as a pair of adidas ACE 16+ Purecontrol boots. Naturally, it's an unconventional coming together that in some tangerine and checkered way, works. You'd think a club so laden with swoosh would insist it was a purely Nike outfit that was picked out for him. But alas, this contemporary king of pop has that much status and swagger, it was stripes he opted for. Not the first time he's worn one of Supreme's football shirts, his soft spot for the brand as well as appreciation for the game is evidently strong.

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Posing with Neymar Jr and Luis Suarez post a swift game of headers and volley's, we've had it on good authority that his thirty yard perfect finish to off the game crashed in off the bar in Tony Yeboah fashion, sending the rest of the Barcelona squad home to collect their thoughts. Of course, we actually have no idea how this drop-in came about or indeed ended up, but there was clearly big smiles and high socks all round.

Nice one JB, you're on our playlist. Guilty pleasure or glorious floor filler, the kits a good fit.