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FIFA 17 Launch Party In NYC

The United States are already two days better than you Europeans at FIFA 17. Launching on Tuesday in America, EA Sports held a celebratory launch party with MLS & New York City FC, who brought a strong squad of players to get stuck into the new game. NYCFC defender Ethan White was behind the lens for us, as he snapped it all going off.

Projectors, live music and a guest list of NYC influencers brought the new edition of FIFA to New York in a carnival of controllers and consoles. MLS were in the house to capture the first thoughts of New York City FC players as Jack Harrison and his NYCFC teammates let their hands do the talking for a change. 

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That's how NYC does a FIFA launch party. In complete style. Beats the annual tradition of everyone bundling round your mate-with-the-biggest-TV's house, with an 8-pack each and ordering everything off the Dominos menu, before stumbling home drunk, bloated and bitterly disappointed that the gameplay isn't as good as last year. Yeah, that's the reason you scored one solitary penalty in your six group games. You didn't even stay to watch the final. No one ever does. Mainly because it's at 3am. Same again next year, yeah? Scrap that, we're going to New York.

Photography by Ethan White for SoccerBible.


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