David Beckham experiences the full drama of one season in one minute in a new video to promote the upcoming Premier League season on Sky Sports. Heading off on a leisurely jog, Becks finds himself running through 10 months of football, from a pint in Middlesbrough to getting chased by a dog in Manchester.

Directed by award-winning Frederic Planchon, the film celebrates the unpredictability of the Premier League, playing on last season's epic success for Leicester City. The advert was shot in various locations around the country, including a three-day shoot in London with Beckham in May, while 500 extras (and one dog) were used with snow machines and a fire engine helping to create the contrasting weather conditions. Filming took over 70 hours, including a special rollerblading camera operator called Myron Mance, tasked to keep up with Becks on the run.

Smoother than smooth and as comfortable in front the camera as he was on the right hand side of midfield. Roll on the new season.