Crossing a creative game with a tasteful visual aesthetic, Milan design studio B612 worked with Sky Sports HD and Grey United ahead of the season to bring each Serie A mascot to life in a vividly powerful fashion.

Such is the detail where visual communication is concerned that quite often supreme brilliance can often go unnoticed. Under the hood of every ad campaign, every TV commercial there will be creative talents that may well be taken for granted. This collection of work which may well line billboards as well as bus shelters, with football at it's core is a stylised stroke of genius in crossing football with art through the ever creative medium of TV. Simply put, B612 Studio worked with Sky Sports HD and Grey United to 'geolocalize different towns in Italy, for Sky Sport HD'. Using liquid inks, the agency re-imagined the mascots of a raft of Italian clubs and the results were on another level.

Taking a tactile approach that blends hands-on methods with CGI and graphic design, it's a smart way to get experimental while offer a truly bespoke touch to the way they paint a visual story. Two field meeting each other off the pitch in the build up to what happens on it. What's not to like. You can see more from B612 Studio here.