Please form an orderly queue. The long wait is over, CR7 luxury blankets have finally arrived. Praise the lord and try to remember your life before this day, because the world as you know it will never be the same again.

The CR7 brand has ventured into pants, aftershave, clothing and shoes but now it's cracked the big one by breaking into the blanket market. Not just any blankets, oh no, these are 44% larger than normal blankets and are "soft, plush and stylish". So, why? Valid question. Ronaldo signed with Elite Team, a start-up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the blanket line was created to reflect Ronaldo’s personal CR7 brand. The CR7 luxury blankets are produced in the U.S. with fibers currently sourced solely from Ronaldo’s home country of Portugal. 

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The Champions League, European Championship, La Liga, own range of blankets, Premier League, Ballon d'Or. It's what we all wanted growing up. This chap is just so lucky enough to achieve all of his dreams. To be able to feel the warm embrace of Cristiano Ronaldo from your very own sofa, that's a world we want to live in. Money can't buy that sort of love. Actually, it can. $130 to be precise.

A blanket with his own name on it. You just know he's 'got an extra surprise' under that blanket don't you?

Want one, dare we ask? Get one here.