PUMA have rounded up their star players involved in the World Cup to record a brilliant series of unique interviews where the players give a different meaning to the term "talking to yourself".

Mario Balotelli typically plays his confidence self as the best player and interviewer on the planet. When asked by Mario Balotelli where Mario Balotelli will keep his golden boot when he wins it, Mario Balotelli tells Mario Balotelli he'll keep it in Mario Balotelli's wardrobe. Confusing eh? Yeah, there's definitely no room for two Mario Balotelli's, not on this planet anyway.

Spain's Cesc Fabregas admits he may have met his interviewer before but goes on to answer questions on the World Cup holders' chances and what he thinks the rest of the favourites will offer in Brazil, claiming you never know what to expect from England.

The weirdness continues as Sergio Aguero interviews... Sergio Aguero. The City striker explains why self-belief is imperative and talks about his past tournament experiences. 

Marco Reus believes Germany can go far this summer in Brazil. He talks to himself about what he expects from the tournament and how did it felt to lose against Italy two years ago.

Balotelli, Fabregas, Aguero & Reus will all lace up in the PUMA evoPOWER and evoSPEED Tricks at the World Cup this summer. What do you think of the videos? Let us know.