Cesc Fabregas Speaks About Messi's First Days At Barcelona


Cesc Fabregas has already labelled his Barcelona team mate Lionel Messi as the "best player in history", and after picking up his fourth Ballon d'Or title, it's hard to argue with him! Fabregas grew up playing alongside Messi as part of Barcelona's fabled La Masia farmhouse and now he's witnessing his friend write history.

Graduating from Barca's youth academy is a reflection of extraordinary talent. Going on to win four consecutive Ballon d'Or trophies really does take something else. When we recently travelled to Barcelona to meet Cesc Fabregas, he spoke about the earliest moments he played with Lionel Messi.

"The first time he came to training we were doing one against ones. He was so small, so thin. His skill was so quick and so tricky, he was so skilful that he passed me so easily. I was not really ready for the type of player he was. From then, I thought he was a special talent and then physically he grew up and now every season he just performs better."

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