The Peter Crouch Interview - YOU Ask the Questions!

All the big names talk to the SoccerBible, and they don't come much bigger than Tottenham Hotspur and England striker Peter Crouch!

Thanks to our friends at Puma, the SoccerBible was given an exclusive audience one-on-one with the Spurs hitman, which was an opportunity we had to extend to our fans!

We called on our SoccerBible fans to submit their questions to grill Peter, then we sorted through your questions and picked the best ones to pose to Crouch! Find out the answers Peter gave, to the questions YOU wanted answered...

Crouchy shows of the v1.10's at the Spurs training complex

HASE P, 13: How do you rate the new Puma v1.10 and how highly would you recommend them?
Peter Crouch: Yeah fantastic! I've worn this type of boot for a long time now, and obviously this is a different design, I think it looks better. The reason I like them is because they are so light, you can always feel your touch in them. The lightness is probably the main factor why I enjoy wearing them.

RJOHAN, 22: What is it that you like about the Puma v1.10 boots?
Peter Crouch: You want them light, but you certainly want a bit of protection. I think when you're striking the ball you can't have them wafer thin, you need a bit of protection, also for when you've got defenders treading on your toes! Also the studs, you need to be able to twist you need to be able to turn, get off the mark and I've never been let down by these.

JOE HEATH, 15: Why did you choose to wear Puma product?
Peter Crouch: I'm just happy with what feels comfortable to me really, and what I seem to do well in. For the last few years, the last four or five, I've been wearing the speed boot and that's gone very well for me, certainly scoring goals and things like that, I've always stuck with it and I enjoy wearing them.

Celebrating his memorable hat-trick against Arsenal

CESAR VASQUEZ, 20: Do you have any memorable pairs from matches you've kept?
Peter Crouch: Yeah I've got a few actually - the boots I wore when I scored my hat-trick against Arsenal for Liverpool at Anfield, when I scored my scissor kick against Galatasaray, and England debut, i've kept those. They're obviously Puma boots, but they've varied down the years.

ADAM COOK, 12: Do you have any personalisation on your boots?
Peter Crouch: No I did have, I had my name on them for a while but I haven't this season. For no reason really, I'm not superstitious like that or anything.

DEADLEY LEDLEY, 24: Is there a 'bling boot' rivalry at the club?
Peter Crouch: Yeah I would say so, a lot of the lads have their lairy boots!

JOHN ENLUND, 16: Favourite football shoes as a kid?
Peter Crouch: Yeah Puma funnily enough, they were Puma Spiders. I've still got them actually, my Mum has still got them at home, but they're quite a lot smaller than those ones! They were great, loved them, can't remember what size they were but they set me on the road.

Crouch's hero Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne shows some silky skills

VLASTIMIR DAVIDOVIC, 21: Growing up, who was your idol and the player you looked up to?
Peter Crouch: Paul Gascoigne was my hero. He was the person I think in the playground and the park you would try to emulate. Whenever he had the ball he was exciting, tried to beat players and that's what you try and do when you're a kid, and I was always trying to emulate him.

JOSH CLIFF, 15: You have played against many great players, but who would you say your toughest opponent was?
Peter Crouch: I think there's no tougher than playing in the Premier League week in week out, you always seem to come up against fantastic defenders. I don't think there's many better than my England team-mates, I think John Terry and Rio Ferdinand are for me the best defenders around, you know you're always in for a rough time with those two.

BRUIZER, 32: Who's the hardest man in football?
Peter Crouch: (Pause for thought) I tell you the hardest in the tackle I saw was Stephen Warnock, when I was at Liverpool he was a nutter in the tackle! Stevie G might be up there as well.

Celebrating another England goal with good friend Gareth Barry

HOLT, 20: Who's your best friend in the England team?
Peter Crouch: I'm pretty good mates with Gareth Barry, he's a good mate of mine. Also, Glen Johnson I speak to still from Portsmouth.

LENNON, 28: What are your goals for the season?
Peter Crouch: Obviously we've got a massive prize at the end of it with England. We've got the World Cup, and the biggest goal would be to be involved in that and do well in that. Also, at club level we've got a realistic chance of breaking into the top four and I think we've gottta make sure we try our very best to do that. I think we've got a good squad here at Tottenham, and enough to try and win something be it the FA Cup or trying to get in the top four, hopefully we do as well as we know we can.

RYAN MURISON, 14: Do you think Tottenham will break into the top four this season?
Peter Crouch: I'd like to think so, I look around at our squad and I don't see too many squads like ours. Certainly apart from what's been the top four, we've gotta be as close as anyone to them.

JONATHON HOLDER, 15: Peter, what is your favourite way to score a wonder goal?
Peter Crouch: I used to watch a lot of Italian football and Gianluca Vialli was the man then scoring spectacular goals. I always remember the way he used to volley balls and scissor kicks, I always tried to do that and I've always enjoyed volleying.

With a reputation for the spectacular, it's another acrobatic finish from Crouch

EDWARD TORRISON, 15: Out of all the goals you have ever scored which one do you remember most or is your favourite?
Peter Crouch: I think my favourite goal was for Liverpool, my third goal of the hat-trick I scored. I remember it was against Toure and Gallas, two top class defenders. I remember the ball coming in from the right, touching it with my right foot and then Cruyffing it over to my left then finishing with the left foot. That or my goal for Liverpool against Bolton, it was another scissor kick I scored and I was very pleased with that one.

MATEUSZ, 16: When you were younger did you ever have moments when you thought to yourself, I'm not gonna make it as a player. If yes, how did you cope with that?
Peter Crouch: I was very lucky there was a fellow called Des Bulpin who worked with Gerry Francis at Tottenham here when I was a kid. He was a big influence on my career, he believed in me when a lot of other people didn't. Other than that my Dad was a massive football fan and had the biggest influence on my football career without a doubt.

CJ HOSPEDALES, 18: What advice would you give a player looking to play professional football?
Peter Crouch: My Dad always used to give me good advice, always told me 'don't doubt yourself, always believe in yourself'. I think that's always stood me in good stead. If you listened to every person who told you you were a fantastic player or told you you were a terrible player you'd go mad. I think if you always believe in your own ability, then that stands you in good stead and that's what I've always done.

On that note we wrapped up our interview with the legend that is Peter Crouch! A gifted footballer and a genuinely nice person, Crouchy had plenty of time for the SoccerBible's fans and we wished Peter good luck for the rest of the season and the World Cup!

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