Predator hype continues, and this time it spills off-pitch and on to courts, street, skate parks… pretty much anywhere where this new aesthetic is appreciated, with adidas dropping the Predator Freestyle trainer.

All attention last week was on the launch of the new Predator 24, which perfectly combined pure 90s nostalgia with the relentless performance of today. Now, one week on, that hype shows no sign of abating, with adidas dropping the Predator Freestyle, a hybrid lifestyle/off-pitch performance sneaker version that carries all the aesthetic style of the boot onto the street, ready for whatever occasion you call upon them.

The Predator Freestyle is touted as being for “casual play and off-pitch wear”, while the “Freestyle” monicker suggests that it would be for those gifted with a talent for doing things with a football that we could only dream of. However, we take the “Freestyle” to mean more that this is a shoe that fits into so many different categories of suitability, you really are free to wear it as seems fit. Sure, there's no fold-over tongue here, but that doesn't detract from an easy going Samba-esque style that's combined with Pred DNA.

That Samba appeal is thanks mostly to that gum rubber outsole, while the Predator Freestyle sees the Three Stripes branding lifted straight off of the Predator 24 – themselves an homage to the iconic Three Stripes from the Accelerator. Presented in white, they sit on the black upper with minimal pops of the “Solar Red” from the boot featuring throughout, together combining for a classic Predator presentation. They share the same comfortable suede and mesh upper as the specialist indoor court Predators, but are not so obviously designed with performance in mind.

pred indoors 9-min.jpg
pred indoors 4-min.jpg
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