Continuing its recent football footwear crossover, adidas has combined the UltraBoost DNA with the COPA, decked out in the national colours of its American contingent, releasing pairs for Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

On the back of some Samba selections for not only the brand’s top European clubs, but also some unique one-of-one options for Mexico and some club styled UltraBoost x COPA trainers for several MLS sides, adidas are once again rolling out a crossover from lifestyle into performance. This time the Three Stripes offer fans of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico (once again, only this time a more accessible wider release for the Central American nation) the UltraBoost DNA sneaker, once again combined with the COPA upper and wrapped in the corresponding colours for the respective nations.

The designs see the badge of each federation placed on the tongue while a shoelace charm represents the national identity and culture of each team.

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