Offering its premium European teams a bespoke flavour for their feet, adidas wrap the UltraBoost DNA silhouette in some of the corresponding alternate colours for Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Providing a slightly more low key way to show your support, adidas have launched the UltraBoost DNA trainer in five new colourway variants, each relating to one of the Three Stripes' European heavyweight teams. Each trainer is complete with club crest on the tongue and name on the heel, while the inspiration for the colours selected for each team is a little more mysterious.

adi 3-min.jpg
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The colours chosen for this new collection are not those normally associated with each club, and it was initially reported that they were inspired by this season's third kits, however, this doesn’t look to be the case. Instead the colours look to borrow from extended collections that have yet to be fully revealed, although their influence can be seen, for example in the Real Madrid prematch shirt and the way that look translates for their specific sneaker.

The UltraBoost itself was originally designed as a performance shoe, but due to its versatility and comfort it has slowly but surely edged its way into lifestyle circles. And that’s where the UltraBoost DNA fits in, taking position as a dedicated day-to-day stepper within the UB ranks, now prepped to carry across into football terraces across the continent.

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The UltraBoost DNA 'Football' collection is available on