Heralding the possible arrival of an anticipated Kylian Mbappe collection, the first images of a signature Nike Air Max 98 have surfaced, featuring specific callouts to the young French superstar, including a special “KM” logo that takes the place of the traditional Air Max logo.

The Air Max 98 was – unsurprisingly – originally released in 1998, the same year that Kylian Mbappe was born, and so it is fitting that it has been selected to become the PSG man’s latest signature sneaker. Nike have gifted Mbappe with two limited Air Max designs in the past – and Air Max Plus and an Air Max 270 – to celebrate his World Cup heroics. And this latest design comes just in time for the Frenchman’s 21st birthday. And certain elements of its design hint at the fact that this could be part of a wider collection that’s soon to come.

mbappe 6-min.jpg

The Nike Air Max ‘Kylian Mbappe’ comes in a gun smoke camo base, with green and gold details popping throughout. The reason that it hints at a potential full collection is that – aside from the fact he’s long overdue his own line – the sneakers feature certain callouts that lend themselves to a wider set. First up is the appearance of the “KM” logo on the tongue – an essential ingredient for any self-respecting superstar. 

Then there’s the appearance of the circled 93 on the insole of the right shoe. 93 is the administrative number of Seine-Saint-Denis in France, the area in which Mbappe’s home city of Bondy resides. The area is often referred to simply as the 93, and this would all tie in with reports that the collection is linked to Bondy. The French Tricolore make up the lace stays for a further nod to the World Cup winner’s country of origin.

The shoe is then finished with the Mercurial “M” starting of an Mbappe sign-off on the Air Cushion in the midsole. If that doesn’t scream of a signature Mercurial waiting in the wings, we don’t know what does.

Watch this space for more news on the potential Kylian Mbappe collection as and when it drops.