Drawing inspiration from where it all began for one of the most innovative and iconic football boots of all time, adidas launch the Sobakov P94 collection, providing an entirely new take on the Predator-inspired sneaker.

Heralded by a pair of what you might call more traditionally styled Sobakovs that also drew influence from the OG Predator, the P94 collection sees a fairly extensive overhaul of the sneaker that only came into being midway through last year. Gone is the chunky signature Sobakov outsole, something that until now has been an essential part of the sneaker’s DNA, replaced here by an something that is far more adidas Originals in feel, with retro trefoil logos appearing across the underside. 


There are five primary looks in the collection, with one more special variation featuring rubber fins on the sides that have been ripped right off the ’94 Predator for a look that’s effectively borrowed from the previously mentioned Sobakov release. Aside from that the other options are all classic combinations of colours that have been synonymous with the Predator over the years, featuring across a mixture of leather, suede and mesh overlays. These are joined by the tapered fang-shape Three Stripes, providing the third style used on the Sobakov following the Precision and Accelerator stripes, and they give the new silhouette its most obvious link to the collection’s namesake.

A radical new direction for the Sobakov, but one that's sure to open up the appeal to more with a passion for Predators.

8-adidas-sobakov-p94.jpg 7-adidas-sobakov-p94.jpg 11-adidas-sobakov-p94.jpg

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