The Predator party continues as adidas launches its next release in celebration of the silo’s 25th anniversary. This time we get a trio of trainers, known aptly as the ‘Celebration Pack’, and they’re designed to honour the Predator’s position as an unorthodox option upon its release back in 1994.

When Predator came out in 1994, it looked like nothing available in football footwear at that time and therefore it was considered the black sheep in the football world. Oh how times changed. Before long it became one of the most iconic boots of all time, and the ‘Celebration Pack’… well, celebrates that.

The Limited Edition selection of sneakers sees three variations of the Predator 19+ TR all decked out in basic block colours of either black, white or grey, but sprinkled with the bright colours of the Exhibit pack in a faded execution throughout the Primeknit upper, creating an unusual look that stands out as much as the OG Predator did all those years ago.


Those basic block colours appear on the anatomically designed heel cup and the Primeknit collar, as well as on the Three Stripes themselves, giving a nice contrast to the almost static effect of the rest of the upper. The gum outsoles echo the block colouring, with the black version going the whole hog with even the boost midsole being blacked out for a tidy execution.

But it’s when the three sneakers are pulled on that they really come to life. The inside of the collar and the ‘Y’ frame on the outsole show off the colours that burst through the collar of each individual shoe when it’s on your foot. The white sneaker features red on the right and and volt on the left, the black, navy and red, while the grey settles for volt and navy.


The ‘Celebration Pack’ represents the first time that the Predator 19 goes full lifestyle, ditching the debossing on the vamp along with the TPU film and TPU backing. It’s still based on the Predator 19+ Indoor performance shoe, but these are purely for show. Original flavours brought out for a modern day Predator party.


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