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adidas To Launch 3D Runner

One of the most anticipated shoe releases of the year has a launch date as adidas get set to release its first ever 3D-printed shoes. The adidas 3D Runner arrives on Wednesday 14 December – although don't expect to get hold of a pair easily.

In August adidas supplied their 2016 Olympic medalists with the first ever 3D printed shoes – a podium place was the only way you could get a pair... until now. The gold, silver and bronze laces make way for an all black finish as adidas prepare to launch their innovation to the public. The adidas 3D Runner shoes will be available through sign-ups on the Confirmed App, with reservation slots opening on Tuesday and an official release landing on Wednesday. The tricky bit being that the shoes will only be available for pick-up by appointment in limited numbers at the adidas flagship stores in New York, London and Tokyo for $333.

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An element of mystery has surrounded the 3D printed technology since adidas unveiled the concept but now it's becoming a reality. The adidas 3D Runner features a 3D printed midsole lattice and the shoes are fully customisable, hence the one-on-one appointment slots in store. Assembled without glue or stitching, the adidas 3D Runner quite simply is a new chapter of footwear design that could open up possible doors to the future of football footwear design and other categories. Welcome to the future, come on in, don't worry about taking your shoes off.

Download the adidas Confirmed App here.


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