So there we have it folks. Once we've worn our Boost into the ground we can now fling 'em from the car window and let them become at one with nature and fertilise our fresh greenery. Well, not entirely. We wouldn't advocate that. More innovative engineering from three striped territory means the adidas Futurecraft now lands with Biodegradable benefits in the shape of the 'Biosteel'.

It seems like adidas' wave of mechanical mastery is showing no signs of slowing. Over the last year, we've seen recycled waste reworked into both lifestyle and performance product, not to mention 3D printing explored at its finest. In both performance and lifestyle streams of product, the brand is very much pioneering a revolution from the feet up and threading the strongest looks while they do so.

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This latest trophy from the cabinet of creativity lands with an aesthetically synonymous upper made from a revolutionary biodegradable 'Biosteel'. The brand, joining forces with fellow German company AMsilk, have been able to replicate the typically strong looking shape of the Ultra Boost as well as the woven silk finish.

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Naturally, the first question is; how do I get a pair? Well realistically, the adidas Futurecraft 'Biosteel' has been produced in quantities you could count on one hand. They won't be going on general sale, just yet. It's a landmark statement of intent as to how adidas plan to develop their products with green thinking are the forefront.

One step closer to an adidas Futurecraft football boot? You better believe it. What a time to be alive.