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Residence #24 | 'Millerntor Stadion' FC St. Pauli

Few clubs have rock and roll etched into their bones in the way Hamburg's FC St. Pauli do. Beautifully bold in making a stand and sensationally independent, we step inside their Millerntor Stadion for our latest 'Residence' edition.

A stadium of symmetry it has undergone a restructure though very much retains a human touch. Not overly polished but with plenty of personality, it holds a capacity just shy of 30,000 and with terracing running across the bottom layer of three out of four stands.

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With graffiti at every turn, it is a symbol of acceptance and creativity. FC St. Pauli is a club looking forward and one dedicated to progression ― it's recent partnership with Under Armour is a testament to that.

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A unique theatre for the game, it packs plenty of voice as players walk out onto the pitch with Hell's Bells ringing around the stadium. In the word's of Wayne and Garth, "game on".

Photography by Tim Adorf for SoccerBible.


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