The Fall/Winter 2014 collaboration has already received double honors from Plus X Award and Red Dot Award being named "Best Product of the Year".

Cited for "High Quality", "Design" and "Ergonomics", the BOUNCE S4 Men's running shoe has the reviews to back up claims that it sets new standards in fit, feel and function. Its futuristic design, simplified construction and high tech materials deliver a smooth, dynamic and lightweight running experience.

The focus has already switched to pre-season and keeping fit over the summer so players will begin to look for a shoe that can offer a comfortable ride on hard surfaces and the BOUNCE S4 does just that.

Winning two of the world's most prestigious awards is a sought-after mark of design quality for brands and their product designers. With 4,815 entries, a record number of companies from 53 countries took part in this year's competition by submitting their products for the renowned Red Dot Award. The Plus X Award 2014 has an international jury consisting of experts from 25 different industries and awards the most innovative and sustainable products.

The first version of the Porsche Design Sport BOUNCE S also won the Plus X Award and Red Dot Award in 2008. The fact that the BOUNCE:S4 has continued to take the lead at these two prestigious design competitions, is therefore particularly gratifying for adidas and underlines the innovative competence of the brand.