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adidas SPEZIAL SS17 Lookbook and Short Film feat. Chronixx

If there's one thing that the adidas SPEZIAL collection offers, it's inspiration. Fuelling a strong look that is put out around an encouraging ethos of interpretation, the Spring / Summer 17 Collection is another bespoke chapter for a category with no rules, relentless character and an appreciation for a good game.

Put so poetically by the brand, it's explained "at the core o f the SPEZIAL range lies the idea of adoption and reinterpretation- to create solid products that are then left up to the individual’s interpretation in their styling." - a mantra you can pin to the sail and cross borders and boundaries like few collections can, SS17 certainly does and will travel. For this instalment, the parallels between British casual culture and Jamaican Reggae have been embraced as the short film and look book take in both Kingston and Lancashire and feature Chronixx as he narrates his love for that beautiful crossover where music, football and fashion go to town in presenting a perfect party that we're all part of.

As well as a triumphant piece of humbling story telling, which we might add, has been shot and captured beautifully, the collection goes the distance in threaded three stripe form. You'll find military inspired jackets, full tracksuits, knitted polos, and iconic trainers and leisure shoes that all have their say in nodding back and forth between emphatically strong sentiments of two distinct cultures. The underlining vocals that are so strikingly refreshing at a time where equality is so vital to a brighter life are those highlighted similarities we all share rather than differences that drive us apart.

A collection with roots that run a charming riot on the senses. Watch it drop and disappear into delirium as we scramble to get a slice. A stunning standard that will be released from 24th March.


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