Representing the game from creative places, Chad Gibson is someone we have a lot of time for. Founder of LOCALFC, he recently caught up with HYPE DC to talk football and it's creative revolution.

Having played the game professionally in Australia, it's the artistic side of the line where Chad now flourishes in his own right. A creative of multi-disciplines who created online football publication LOCALFC in 2011, his game is strong and clearly gathering constant pace in Australia.

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An extension to HYPE DC, their digital magazine LIMIT'D Editions, recently caught up with Chad discussing his viewpoint as he consumes the game. From a photographic point of view, his eye for the emotion and the energy of the game places his work outside that of stock – it's always interesting, always dedicated to the finer detail and, most of all, very much appreciated by the creative sports industry.

You can see more from LOCALFC here.