A perfect blend of sub-cultured cool, adidas Skateboarding launched their 'AWAYDAYS' film with a premiere in LA. We dropped in to check out this skate film with football serving up a dose of inspiration, scarves and all.

While football may just be an undertone in this film which is dedicated to the concrete jungle that skateboarding throws down, there's plenty to be appreciated. Much like the travelled football fan, the AWAYDAYS mentality reigns supreme in the skate world too. Taking in and on another city and pitching up a fresh party as life unwinds on the road.

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With the premiere taking place at LA's Orpheum, it was a serving that had a soundtrack of motion and well tailored tastes. Football shirts have been created as well as scarves; it's dressed well, looking sharp.

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With nods to football throughout, it's a blending of cultures and collaborative thinking all day long. You can see more about the AWAYDAYS film and launch here.

Photography by Jared Martinez