With a fresh look and LA vibes, the Adidas collaboration with KITH has hit its third wave of tidal goodness. A camo approach for the West Coasters, we spoke to KITH LA Rays captain Alexander Dimitrijevic about his side and the latest drop that they will be sporting into a new season. Sharp as you like and one picture perfect backdrop, enjoy the swell.

For you personally, where does your connection to soccer come from?

"My connection with soccer started when I visited my father's cousins bar in Ljubljana. He had played for Radnički Niš & a bit for the NYC Cosmos in the 70s and there were pics of his playing days on the walls celebrating goals with Pele & Beckenbauer, which at the age of 7 or so blew my mind. Football was a pretty big deal in my life after that."

Can you talk about the history and formation of the LA Rays team?

"LA Rays is a mixed bag of LA guys who grew up playing with/or against each other from the youth leagues and guys who moved to LA after college and still wanted to play competitive ball."

We know about The Bowery Premier League inn NYC, but can you tell us about the league you’re a part of in LA and how its set up for the teams involved?

"We are currently in the LA Super Metro. 11v11 Sunday league."

How would you describe the squad? What’s it like to captain them?

"Our squad has definitely evolved over the last couple years. A lot more rings on the left hands and babies in the stands. But over all we are good group of friends that love the sport and competing.  Majority of the team played D1 in college so there isn't much to capitan. We communicate well and know how to play the game so other than some snarky remarks before and after the game everyone knows their role and how to execute."

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Tell us about your experiences of playing for the team so far and what it’s achieved?

"Well last season we went undefeated and lost in the final. That wasn't the greatest experience. This year that won't happen. I would love to take this team to some of the other top leagues in SoCal and see how we do against top comp."

How big are the aspirations for a team like this?

"The best part about the LA Rays is the fact that most guys have been playing together for decades and the newcomers have been with the team for 5 years now so everyone is family and talks a lot of shit to each other bringing out the best/worst every week."

Los Angeles is really embracing soccer right now with LAFC and Zlatan Ibrahimovic making a lot of noise - how would you describe the soccer scene in LA right now? Is it hitting a new level?

"The Zlatan effect is working. LAFC's new stadium is top notch. Now with the world cup happening, soccer is definitely having a moment. You can see in fashion and culture. everyone in LA is excited about soccer." 

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What’s it been like to be part of the team as the KITH x adidas Soccer collaborations have developed?

"It’s been a real privilege to be apart of the KITH x Adidas Soccer collabs. The seasonal kits are primo and they KITH team are super generous."

From this latest collection, what are some of your favourite pieces?

"This camo kit is out of this world, never seen anything like it. They got the fit right too. Slightly oversized top, proper length on the shorts. But the belle of the ball are the socks. The detailing in those are next level. The unique padding structure is something i've never seen. Real nice."

Why do you think fashion has become so obsessed with soccer in recent seasons?

"Fashion is a reflection of culture. Soccer has become more predominate in the states over traditional American sports and designers have picked up on that. It's also a lot easier to wear a soccer jersey off the pitch than football, baseball or basketball."

How do you see soccer’s relationship with fashion and culture developing between now and then?

"As more youngsters stop playing American football and start playing soccer, the passion for the game will increase here at home and the culture/fashion with go along with it."

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How disappointing was it that the US failed to qualify for this summer’s World Cup?

"The USMNT needed an overhaul. Is it disappointing that they aren't playing in Russia, yes definitely. Will it prove to be a good thing in four years time? I think so."

Getting the 2026 World Cup, just how big is that going to be for US soccer?

"Getting the 2026 WC was huge. Hopefully at that point we will have a team that can really compete."

Does that come at a time where football in the US has never been as popular as it is today?

"Yeah, I think in 2026 soccer will be America's most popular sport. American football is not good for the nugget and I think the shift in focus from the gridiron to the pitch will be in full swing by then."

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The adidas Football x KITH Chapter 3 collection lands on the 29th June exclusively online and in store at KITH.

Photography by Hana Asano for SoccerBible