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adidas 'Skate Copa' Collection

adidas skateboarding releases football inspired clothing collection

Football's influence reaches much further than to just those who are directly involved with the sport, especially in a World Cup year. Next to pay tribute to the beautiful game are adidas Skateboarding with the 'Skate Copa Collection'.

Launched with a short skate film featuring adidas pro-skaters Lem Villemin of Germany, France's Luca Puig, American Mark Gonzales, Spain's Raul Navarro, British Benny Fairfax and Rodrigo TX from Brazil, the collection pays homage to the adidas' football heritage. 

Each team rider is shown skating in their hometown and wearing a jersey that represents a favorite era from their respective country's football team. The six adidas jerseys are also accompanied by a collection of custom skate decks from their riders respective brands. 

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