The unbelievable success of the club’s new partnership with adidas hasn’t stopped AS Roma branching out on their own, as the Serie A side releases its first clothing collection designed and produced in-house.

AS Roma seem to be one of those sides that have style and elegance ingrained in their very DNA. Whether it’s down to the rich heritage of the city they call home, or the beautiful combination of the club’s traditional colours, a combination of both or something else entirely we don’t know, but adidas were very quickly able to tap into it for the club’s kits for the 23/24 season. Now, following on from the Three Stripes’ elegantly retro Originals collection for the club, the Giallorossi are giving the streetwear scene a crack on their own with the Imprinting Capsule Collection.

The concepts that inspire the collection are the imprint of the animal world – a mark left at first contact – and the fingerprint, for its being distinctive and unique – something also attributed to the club itself. As a result, a subtle print graphic features across the base of most items, lending a texture to the entire range.

The first drop in this collection is comprised of t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits and – possibly the highlight of the lot – a unique track jacket. The hand-sewn ASR monogram adopted by the club in 1933 is used throughout, alongside a dedicated drop label.

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