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First Never Follows Film Series | Bayern Munich

Another instalment in a series of short films that takes in some of the biggest names from the global game, adidas have launched a special FC Bayern Munich 'First Never Follows' film.

Never afraid to step out of the box sweep up from the back, the likes of Manuel Neuer are joined by Thomas Müller and David Alaba as adidas smash down the three stripes with this new film series. A graphic smackdown in response to gossip and hype that surrounds both players and clubs at the start of any season, it's a two fingered salute with a rock and roll edge.

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Naturally, Bayern are a club that command column inches - this film brushes negative comments off to the side, unfazed and winning all day long. While Manuel Neuer bolts through a Rubik's cube, Müller and Alaba are on the pitch putting their skill on show - talking in actions over words, this is a welcome kick off to a film series that goes the distance in letting players play the game.

Fresh season. Suit up here.


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