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Admiral Produce Football Shirt For Australian Band DMA's

Continuing to explore the space where music and football crossover, British brand Admiral have teamed up with Australian indie rock outfit, DMA’S, to create a limited edition football shirt inspired by the band’s fourth studio album How Many Dreams?

Admiral’s recent resurgence has been in part spearheaded by a foray into lifestyle sectors, and this has been most evident with some collaborations with the likes of The Reytons and rock legends, The Jam. And the brand continues to explore this space with its latest output, partnering with DMA’S for a football shirt inspired by their fourth studio album “How Many Dreams?” that arrives just in time for the Australian band’s UK tour.

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Designed by Grammy nominated creative director Matt de Jong the shirt reflects the patterns and styles seen throughout the album artwork. de Jong said of the design: “I wanted this shirt to be bold, daring and highly original. The design is a set of elements in which the typographical effect is more important in conveying meaning than verbal significance. In this instance the typographic style represents the energy of their live shows – which the DMA’S are renowned for. 

Being able to encapsulate that in a football shirt was an exciting opportunity for Tommy, lead singer of the DMA'S. The shirt was an opportunity for the band to connect their two passions: football and music. Life long Everton fan Tommy said: “We had loads of fun designing this football jersey with Admiral and Matt De Jong. it’s a celebration of our love of music, football and fashion. We wanted to create a unique jersey design that encapsulated our album artwork as well as honouring admiral’s astounding jersey history.

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This limited edition shirt will be launching 31 March at 10am on the DMA’S website in line with the launch of their new album. DMA’S UK tour starts on the 5 April and includes a headline show at London’s OVO Arena Wembley.

Daniel Jones

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