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Admiral Sports Reissue Iconic Bob Marley Tracksuit & Collection

Inspired by the inspirational artist’s kickabouts in Battersea Park during the recording of the Exodus LP in 1977 and the clothing he wore for those pick ups, Admiral has partnered with the Bob Marley estate to create a limited edition capsule collection.

Bob Marley’s love for the beautiful game is well documented, and his connection with football has come into focus in recent years through an unlikely connection with Dutch side Ajax, and also the resurgence of his favoured footwear, the adidas Samba. Now, to coincide with the theatrical release of ‘Bob Marley: One Love’, Admiral Sports have teamed up with the Bob Marley estate for a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the music legend’s visit to Battersea Park in 1977.

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While in London recording the Exodus LP, Bob Marley, along with band members from The Wailers, would visit Battersea Park to play football, often inviting the local community to join. The photos from those kickabouts, and Bob’s iconic navy letterman tracksuit, have since become part of London style and musical folklore.

The collection features a reissue of the full iconic tracksuit alongside the yellow ‘Rico’ t-shirt from Rico Rodriguez MBE, legendary Reggae trombonist, worn by band members during the games, plus two Marley-inspired football shirts.

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Being part of the Bob Marley story is an honour,” explained Theo Hamburger, Head of Sales and Marketing at Admiral. “Bob Marley is an icon who’s message and music filters through the generations. Engaging with people from across Battersea and telling their stories through both music and football just goes to show the great legacy Bob and the band had on the area. Both music and football have an ever connected link and none more so than in Marley himself.

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The Admiral Sports x Bob Marley collection is available at

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