Manchester Fashion brand Gio-Goi have partnered with Umbro for a collaborative collection that celebrates the brands’ shared roots, with nods to both acid house music and football culture.

For those who might not be in the know, Gio-Goi was first launched by Manchester brothers Anthony and Christopher Donnelly in 1988 at the height of Madchester's rule over the music world. Born of the UK’s homegrown rave culture, the label is now being powered forward into new territory by the Donnellys' sons, Leon and Dylan. For 2022 the Manchester born brand now teams up with the classic British sportswear brand, Umbro, for a celebration of Manchester’s football and musical heritage.

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The range aims to blend the brothers' connections to both of the giant football clubs of Manchester as well as the dance scene. A stand out shirt from the collection epitomises this, using a blur of blues, reds and purples as an homage to acid house culture as well as the blurring of Man City blue and United red.

It's a fitting collaboration for the brand’s founders and their next generation, who grew up in Benchill, in the shadow of Umbro's former HQ in Wythenshawe.

The collection is identified by big dual branding across classic Umbro drill styles like the Drill Smock and the Drill Sweat, both of which feature a 90s inspired oversized fit as well as a twill cotton fabric. There’s also the Nautical Smock with contrasting detailing in mustard yellow, which  – in classic Mancunian fashion – also comes with a matching bucket hat to top the ensemble off.

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