Football and golf share a special relationship – just ask Gareth Bale – and now Manors Golf are taking that relationship to the next level, partnering with adidas for ‘The Beautiful Game’ Collection.

A lot of footballers enjoy a round of golf. Hitting the course is a welcome escape from the rigours of the pitch, and it’s a pastime that is often adopted more seriously when playing careers come to an end. Long story short, football and golf have a very similar following and a mutual appreciation for one another. In recent years the influence of football and football culture has spilt into a range of different realms, but now, thanks to Pioneering golf lifestyle brand Manors and Adidas, it enters the world of golf.

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Launching at the height of a summer of sport – against a backdrop of The British Open and Euro 2020 – ‘The Beautiful Game’ is a limited edition golf-meets-football collection. Capturing the fandom culture of English football and transforming it for a new generation of golfers, the unisex collection is a marriage between the world of golf and the attitude of football. 

Born from historical England shirts and flags, a colour palette of red, white and blue is introduced across sponsored player jerseys, quilted sweatshirts, chinos and pullover anoraks. A limited edition iteration of the iconic adidas Superstar sneaker, a scarf and ball marker add the finishing touches, creating a head-to-toe wardrobe for both on and off the course – or pitch. 

The Beautiful Game crest – a woven detail throughout the collection – is a playful interpretation of the iconic ‘three lions on the shirt’; replacing the lions with three golf irons.

This limited edition range encapsulates our passion for both golf and football," explained Nick Watts, Fashion Director at Manors. "At Manors we are thrilled to partner with an iconic and innovative brand of performance sportswear to create fresh, accessible and stylish clothes for a new generation of golfers.”  

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'The Beautiful Game' collection will be available to buy from 7 July 2021, exclusively at and