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Closer Look At The Full Umbro x Aries Collection

With its launch we take a full look at every piece from Aries x Umbro capsule. The collection takes inspiration from gabber-rave-football culture and is made up of four ‘90s-flavoured graphic football jerseys, two tie-dye Umbro Pro 64 training tops and matching pants, as well as a training jacket and pant set.

As the world’s attention is on football thanks to Euro 2020 and the Copa America, London-based genderless brand Aries have hooked up with Umbro for a 10-piece gabber-rave-football culture-inspired collection that is packed out with big shapes and loud colours lifted straight from the 90s. For the collaboration, Aries founder Sofia Prantera wanted to give her own unique spin on football kits, with the sport historically dominated by men, and she’s certainly hit the right notes.

aries 10-min.jpg
aries 11-min.jpg
aries 8-min.jpg
aries 9-min.jpg

The line-up comprises classic football jerseys in red, pink and blue graphics, a training set in monochrome nylon, again with oversized printed pixelated graphics that are perfectly placed on the equally oversized silhouettes. A contemporary take on a classic Umbro drill top and pants also catches attention to round out the collection, which taps into the spirit of traditional football kits, while staying true to Aries' own punchy aesthetic.

The collection was also captured in a lookbook shot by renowned photographer Lea Colombo, and it views each piece through a unique lens, framing them in an equally eye-catching wash.

aries 16-min.jpg
aries 17-min.jpg
aries 19-min.jpg
aries 18-min.jpg
aries 1-min.jpg
aries 6-min.jpg
aries 2-min.jpg
aries 3-min.jpg
aries 4-min.jpg
aries 7-min.jpg
aries 21-min.jpg
aries 5-min.jpg
aries 14-min.jpg
aries 15-min.jpg
aries 12-min.jpg
aries 13-min.jpg

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