Introducing our new Summer 2021 collaborative collection with British menswear brand Farah Menswear. The 13-piece ‘Unity Collection’ is inspired by many cultural and design nuances of European football nations with a range of timeless silhouettes, as well as celebrating Farah's heritage in football culture.

Linking up to champion a long-awaited summer of European international football, the SoccerBible x Farah ‘Unity Collection’ celebrates the unifying power of football and fashion, as well as the game's unique ability to bring people of all nations together.

With a brand DNA rooted in football culture, Farah's heritage in the game stretches back to the 1980s when it was adopted by Football Casuals. As time has passed, Farah’s appeal has continued to grow, being embraced by musicians, artists and more, mirroring the transition of modern football culture itself, and making it the perfect brand to help us represent unity.

farah lfi.jpg

The collection brings out the beauty and colour that runs deep across a number of nations that will be taking to the international football stage this summer - Scotland, France, Belgium, Italy, England, Germany, Wales and Ireland. From pub carpets to the finest military camo, each piece in the collection mixes football and fashion with a subtle and considered design details. Accompanying these bespoke pieces is two 'Unity' t-shirts that illustrate all nations, all involved, all united.

farah 33-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0003_soccerbible-england.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible England Goodison T-Shirt In White

Inspired by the graphic carpets and bold decor of a traditional English pub, this tee features a striking all-over prints.


farah 21-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0005_soccerbible-england2.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible England Concord Shirt In England Red

Inspired by the graphic carpets and bold decor of a traditional English pub, this revere collar shirt features a striking all-over print.


farah 31-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0007_soccerbible-germany.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible Germany Iduna T-Shirt In Black

Brutalist architecture, characterised by its hard, block features, makes its mark on this track top and contrast-ring, vertical stripe T-shirt. 


farah 27-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0000_soccerbible-wales.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible Wales Liberty Sweatshirt In True Navy

The fusing of their iconic flag colours of red, white and green together with bold lines born from the Modernist movement, inspire this colour-block track top.


farah 34-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0010_soccerbible-scotland.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible Scotland Hampden Polo Shirt In True Navy

Exploring the Argyle pattern, synonymous with Scotland’s heritage, sees the diamond design reinvented on polo shirts with colours referencing previously worn away-kits.


farah 32-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0004_soccerbible-france.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible France Stade T-Shirt In Ecru

The iconic Breton has been given the bespoke treatment with a relaxed-fit long-sleeve tee, proudly bearing their national Tricolour shades.


farah 19-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0006_soccerbible-holland.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible Holland Johan Polo Shirt In White

Referencing the kits of the 90s made famous by the likes of Ruud Gullit, vertical stripes and ribbed collars maintain the right balance of modern retro.


farah 20-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0009_soccerbible-ireland.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible Croke Shirt In White

The chain stitch technique on this revere collar front placement, reminiscent of an Irish beer mat, complements the timeless graphic rework of their traditional emerald print kit.


farah 23-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0008_soccerbible-italy.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible Italy Olimpico Polo Shirt In True Navy

Military camo prints with Italy’s signature blue strip and adding a reference to Robert Baggio's iconic number 10 on the polo shirt, an overshirt creates a commanding casual look.


farah 25-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0002_soccerbible-unity2.jpg

Farah x SoccerBible Europe Joy T-Shirt In White

Inspired by all nations, the T shirts fittingly wraps up the capsule collections’ essence of togetherness.


farah 28-min.jpg
SoccerBible x Farah Unity Product_0001_soccerbible-unity.jpg

Farah X SoccerBible Europa T-Shirt In Black


The Farah x SoccerBible collection launches on 27 May and is available on as well as Citadium and ASOS.