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Umbro Launches SS20 Projects & ARP Collections

Taking inspiration from the beach parties of Ibiza to the club nights of Seoul, Umbro Projects launches its SS20 collection, which features a vibrant array of colours and fabrications across a full set of new seasonal silhouettes.

For SS20, Umbro Projects showcases its most contemporary silhouettes to date, with a hefty dose of 90s nostalgia infused across the entire collection.The clothing has been complemented by the launch of a third sneaker collection from Umbro’s Archive Research Project, which refreshes iconic 90s styles while referencing contemporary sneaker trends. Together the Double Diamond delivers a double dose of delicious dress out, setting you up for a summer of style with football infused throughout.

umbro projects 34-min.jpg
umbro projects 33-min.jpg

Key catwalk trends are translated in the form of kaleidoscopic tie dye tees, cargo pants and shorts, while outerwear options for SS20 include new raincoats featuring a graphic print in a neon colourway as well as printed windbreakers. Umbro Projects’ iconic shellsuits – an absolute staple from the 90s – also feature for SS20 including a classic red, white and navy chevron block set. Logo detailing has been updated for SS20 featuring a new oversized font embroidered on unisex and menswear styles. Bright, printed football shirts bolster the menswear line while womenswear is expanded with the addition of utility skirts and playsuits. 

umbro projects 32-min.jpg
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umbro arp 1-min.jpg
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The Umbro Project's SS20 collection is available at

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