Inspired by the elements and the people who have shaped the city's history, PUMA have revealed the 23/24 home and away shirts for Olympique de Marseille.

Ready for the beginning of the 23/24 season, Ligue 1 side Olympique de Marseille have revealed both their home and away jerseys from PUMA in one hit. The unveiling took place at a special event organised by the brand, under the motto "History is being written under your feet.” It saw a football match being played on a special pitch with the children of FC La Castellane participating. As the match progressed, the original pitch transformed into a vivid depiction of the home and away shirts, worn by god-like figures of the Sea and the Earth.

With that in mind, the new home shirt arrives in traditional white with sky blue accents, notably on the collar and cuffs. A sublimated graphic then plays through the body, representing the sandy beaches of Marseille.

For the away shirt, it’s a navy blue base, with wavy white lines representing the waves of the Mediterranean. Makes sense. White collar, cuffs, branding, crest and sponsor then complete the look.

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Pick up the Olympique Marseille 23/24 home and away shirts from 5 July at