Talk about getting ahead of the game… Umbro have unveiled a ‘Street Casual’ collection for FW19, giving a glance at what’s in store in a typically gritty urban lookbook set in the concrete suburbs of Milan.

Inspired once again by Umbro’s rich heritage and links to terrace culture, the FW19 ‘Street Casual’ collection is comprised of bold, block colouring and oversized logos across a range of sneakers, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and tees. All elements from the collection pack a sufficient retro appeal, thanks in part to the use of the acid colour scheme that harks back to the 90s. It’s presented on a mainly black canvas for a strong contrasting look.

Umbro 1-min.jpg

The lookbook, shot in the suburbs of Milan – a city known for its fashion connections – shows off the lifestyle collection with a concrete backdrop of sprawling apartments. The ‘Street Casual’ collection follows the SSG collection for SS19 and the Archive Research Project, as Umbro continues to delve into its back catalogue, bringing back some favoured styles from the 90s – an era that’s now enjoying its renaissance, something the Double Diamond are taking full advantage of, and rightly so.

Umbro 2-min.jpg
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The Umbro 'Street Casual' FW19 collection will be available later this year.