The world's freshest fictitious team are back in town for SS19 to oversee a coming together of NASCAR meets football. In typically twisted style, the latest F.C. Real Bristol collection brings another alternative approach to the streetwear scene, and one that packs a statement vibe like no other.

NASCAR and football may not be the first link-up you think of when you consider potential cross-overs, but SOPHNET thrive on the element of surprise and this unlikely pairing is one that works with intriguing results. Football jersey templates borrow the fluorescent colours and over-branding stickers of NASCAR uniforms, while racing jackets host football crests and teamwear trends.


Checkered flags and modified FCRB branding in NASCAR form dominate the collection as flames throw themselves across key pieces throughout the SS19 drop. The vast series is once again fronted by F.C. Real Bristol's trademark mannequin-esque imagery, which plays upon their fictitious status.

Some of the standout pieces from the wider collection include the reversible checkered jackets in numerous vibrant colourways, branded football jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, headwear and bags, along with a number of accessories. Football and NASCAR, they seem to be getting on surprisingly well.


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