Lukas Podolski’s streetwear brand has teamed up with one of the most famous fictitious football clubs out there for the Strassenkicker x F.C. Real Bristol collab.

F.C. Real Bristol and Strassenkicker already share a similar ethos and approach to street-styled, football-inspired clothing, and with Podolski currently plying his trade out in the J-League with Vissel Kobe, the coming together with Japanese based F.C. Real Bristol really is a no-brainer. And besides, who doesn’t love a good collab?

Strassenkickerxfcrealbristol 5050 2-min.jpg
Strassenkickerxfcrealbristol 5050 3-min.jpg

Strassenkicker x F.C. Real Bristol features two hoodies and two tees, coming in either black or grey and adorned with a combined graphic that features Podolski’s head across the Bristol logo. As well as the F.C. Real Bristol branding on the back, the tees also features Podolski’s number 10, ensuring that the tie between both brands is strong.

The Strassenkicker x F.C. Real Bristol collection will be available from 10 November.