It's no secret that football is mixing it in fashion circles right now. Sportswear designers have changed their mindset by placing a strong focus on how a football shirt will fit into a lifestyle environment, and now fashion brands are taking notice.

When a super high-end label like Versace are designing their own football jersey you know that the sport has made itself very much at home in fashion's front room. The luxury fashion house have dropped a white short-sleeved jersey with black stripes that hosts gold and red graphics. Versace branded tape runs across the shoulders and down the sides of the shirt.


Ah yeah, and it'll cost you $695, so don't go wearing it down the park on a December Sunday morning, yeah? The replica game in lifestyle scenery has been taken to new levels in recent seasons and the likes of adidas and Nike have to be commended for that.

The sports brands have reimagined how a football shirts can be perceived and worn, not just in their designs but in their imagery too. Now that those barriers of performance have been taken down, fashion brands such as Versace feel comfortable riding the hype wave to Russia.

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