A meeting of minds in the shape of a second collaboration between The Long Shot and Angelo Trofa, the two creative outputs have combined to release this unique 'Blue on Blue' relief textured t-shirt.

Football and fashion prove to be the common ground for this collaborative drop. The Long Shot Experiment labels itself as a "creative adventure" and an "outlet for creativity" with the finished output being fashion based products that cross genres through clothing, style and culture. For this instalment, a football inspired shirt carries many a graphic touch. Attention to detail on the typography that lands strong on the back of the shirt is married with a reworked, France inspired badge on the front chest. As you can see from the lookbook too, it's not just about the pitch but about the cultures that surround the game. A love for the arts both visual and audible, we like.

Some description

Tonal graphics and a Pirelli spin on it's head, it's a t-shirt with tons of detail and all sorts of shades of cool. Textured, printed and plenty of little lock ups to party on through. Look out for the bucket hats and the Manchester spirit that shines on. This carries on from the supremely brilliant 'Game of Two Hats' project the pair launched in the summer and with an equally compelling look, it's one done with strength from top to bottom.

Join the groove, here.